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Wired for 2020 is the Mentoring Partnership of Minnesota’s (MPM) engagement campaign to get more mentors involved with youth in the state of Minnesota. It is our mission to interest caring adults in becoming mentors to youth.  Caring adults who are willing to help young people spark their future career interests and expand their possibilities. Through the Wiredfor2020 website, MPM hopes to provide youth and their mentors with resources, edutainment, and social media tools useful in engaging them in conversations about their future opportunities.

A recent Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development report states that when it comes to jobs, the state is continuing to shift toward a skills-based economy. National projections indicate that 70% of jobs in Minnesota will require a postsecondary degree by 2018, up from the current 40%. This is just one more reason to become a mentor and help a young person stay on track to graduate. MPM's K-12 Journey Map outlines major milestones and links to relevant resources to help youth prepare for college.

The Wired for 2020 Event was held at the Mall of America on Saturday, 4.18.09 from 10am-5pm in the Best Buy Rotunda and West Market.  Exhibitors helped young people explore future careers by featuring high-tech, interactive exhibits representing innovations in their respective fields.  Visit the MPM's website at for more information about mentoring.

Wired for 2020 Wins Award

The Wired for 2020 campaign was honored with an AIGA MN Design Show Award in March 2010.  Congrats to Peggy Lauritsen Design Group for this deserved and prestegious recognition!

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Our event website is our home base for the Wiredfor2020 campaign, and we have other fun ways that you can join us on the Internet!  Our blog is one of them. Visit us at and  This is where you will be able to see all the amazing experts that are sharing their time and expertise to build the Wired for 2020 Campaign for the Mentoring Partnership of Minnesota and learn more about what's happening around the state that impacts quality mentoring for youth.  

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If you go to our Mentoring Tools resource page, you will find many helpful links to educational tools and activities that support youth around Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM).

Leading Mentor Program Support Network

The Mentoring Partnership of Minnesota is a driving force in the mentoring movement. MPM’s efforts translate into more caring adults mentoring a generation of children and youth in all areas of our community. The MPM Mission is to lead the state in building and sustaining quality mentoring for every child.

The Mentoring Partnership of Minnesota was formed in 1994 as a community initiative to promote mentoring for Minnesota youth. Today, MPM supports more than 400 mentoring programs in Minnesota through training, technical assistance, marketing, mentor referrals and public policy efforts.

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